Ways to Support

We acknowledge that our plan for this building is a bold one because, frankly, we wanted to build a vision big enough to support yours. We know that individuals, teams and leadership groups all across Lancaster County have big dreams and bold plans. We want to be a valuable resource to you for achieving those.

We believe we’ve developed a sound and sustainable financial plan.

Our plan with this $6.3 million capital campaign includes three key components:

  1. 1. widespread support from our nearly 2,200 member businesses and organizations,
  2. 2. corporate and philanthropic giving from community businesses, service organizations, individuals and foundations,
  3. 3. our steadfast commitment to developing the space in a way that assures sustainable operating costs for The Chamber and cohabitating partners.

Evidence of Chamber board and leadership’s effective management of operations and finances over the years exists with us being named, in 2013, as the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives’ Chamber of the Year (based on excellence in operations, governance, member services and community leadership).

This is the second time in 10 years we’ve received this award, demonstrating a long-term commitment to – and successful results from – operational excellence and fiscal management.

Our estimated funding plan:

Anticipated Total Project Costs: $7,500,000

Project Funding Sources:
- Capital Campaign: $6,300,000
- Long-Term Financing: $1,200,000

Note: This funding plan is designed to maintain relevant operating costs currently paid by The Chamber and its cohabitating partners.

Our business community and local philanthropists stepped up in 1987 when The Foundation of The Lancaster Chamber raised $1.1 million as part of a $2.5 million project for refurbishing and equipping The Chamber’s current rented office space at Southern Market Center located at South Queen & West Vine Streets. We’ve not conducted a capital campaign since that time. A successful $6.3 million capital campaign by the Foundation of The Lancaster Chamber (a 501(c)(3), charitable organization) will allow us to build valuable equity (unlike in 1987) and fully implement this bold plan, and we are asking for your support. Just like the impact created by the campaign back in 1987, this building, this location, the equity we will build and the vision we will pursue are gifts to serve this generation and the next.