Campaign Committees & Chamber Board

Campaign Committees


  • Bill Reuter, BB&T
  • Kim Smith, Barley Snyder
  • Phil Wenger, Fulton Financial Corporation


  • John Cox, Turkey Hill Dairy
  • Gerry Eckert, The Eckert Group
  • Michael Heller, Volunteer
  • David Keller, Barley Snyder
  • Mary Kohler, The H&H Group
  • Bob Macina, Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine
  • Michelle Rondinelli, Kitchen Kettle Foods
  • Jim Warner, LCSWMA


  • Tom Baldrige, Lancaster Chamber
  • Cheryl Irwin-Bass, Lancaster Chamber
  • Todd Lindsley, Lindsley Development Consulting
  • Scott Scheffey, Scheffey Marketing
  • Gregg Scott, RLPS Architects
  • Ralph Simpson, Warfel Construction


  • Scott Fiore, TriStarr
  • Steven Geisenberger, Walz Group
  • David Keller, Barley Snyder
  • Walter Legenstein, Certified Carpet, Inc.
  • Todd Lindsley, Lindsley Development Consulting
  • John Reed, Barley Snyder



  • Tracy Cutler, Lancaster County Community Foundation
  • Roxanne Edwards, Nxtbook Media LLC
  • Tracy Hoffmann, Hoffmann Publishing Group, Inc
  • Ole Hongvanthong, PhotOle Photography
  • Mary Kohler, H&H Group
  • Scott Scheffey, Scheffey
  • Kim Smith, Esq., Barley Snyder
  • Marshall Snively, Lancaster City Alliance


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Lancaster Chamber 2017 Board of Directors


  • Mary Kohler, The H&H Group & 2017 Chair
  • Nelson Longenecker, Four Seasons Family of Companies, Chair-Elect
  • Peter Barber, Two Dudes Painting Co. & Immediate Past Chair
  • Judith Hoar, Trout Ebersole & Groff, LLP & Treasurer
  • Scott Fiore, TriStarr
  • Miro Hosek, AFP advanced food products llc
  • Craig Kauffman, BB&T
  • Diane Poillon, Willow Valley
  • Michelle Rondinelli, Kitchen Kettle Foods, Inc.
  • Scott Scheffey, Scheffey Marketing
  • Tom Baldrige, Lancaster Chamber
  • Cheryl Irwin-Bass,  Lancaster Chamber


  • Melisa Baez, ASSETS
  • Deepa, Balepur Compass Real Estate, LLC
  • Susan Blue, Community Services Group
  • Joe Devoy, Tellus360
  • Dana Chryst, The Jay Group
  • Jennifer Craighead, Barley Snyder, LLP
  • Joe Devoy, Tellus360
  • Brian Dombach, GSM Industrial, Inc.
  • Dan Fichtner, Providence Engineering Corporation
  • Kathleen, Frankford Discover Lancaster
  • Jennifer Goldbach, Rhoads Energy Corporation
  • Carlos Graupera, Spanish American Civic Association for Equality, Inc.
  • George Hurst, Oregon Dairy Farm
  • Holly Kutz, Murray Securus
  • Michael Leichliter, Penn Manor School District
  • Jeff Ouellet, Appel & Yost
  • John Porter, Wellspan Ephrata Community Hospital
  • Lisa Riggs, Economic Development Company of Lancaster County
  • J. Seroky, High Concrete Group
  • Nicole Seuffert, RGS Associates, Inc.
  • Timothy Shrom, Solanco School District
  • Peter Teague, Lancaster Bible College
  • Janet Treer, The Treer Group
  • Joel Walker, Industrial Resolution