Frequently Asked Questions

Will my gift to the Campaign be tax deductible?

Yes. The Foundation of The Lancaster Chamber is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3). Please consult your financial advisor for specific guidance for your individual circumstance and to determine the most tax effective manner in which to make your gift.

Why did volunteer and staff leaders choose the 115 East King Street building and why is this project so important to the future of The Lancaster Chamber, its partner organizations and the Lancaster business community? 

Chamber volunteers and staff conducted a thorough process for vetting the ideal location and amenities for our future home. The process included surveying our members, meeting with prospective partners/ tenants and talking with community leaders. 115 East King rose to the top because:  it is centrally located; it enables us to play a role in the continuing redevelopment of Downtown Lancaster; it has 80 parking spaces; it enables us to purchase, thus building equity; it provides space for key partner-tenants that will help drive organizational cooperation and operational efficiencies; and it can be transformed into the kind of space we could all be proud of as the “front door” of Lancaster County business.

What impact might this new building have on The Chamber’s annual budget?

The building project cost aligns with the Capital Campaign goals such that our goal is to ensure that the finished product does not add to The Chamber’s ongoing operating budget. Further, it is our hope to have a similar “flat” impact on the ongoing operational budgets of our tenants. In addition, we are anticipating new revenue opportunities with the building due to available parking and flexible/rentable space for events and programs.

How does my campaign gift relate to my Chamber Membership dues and current support?

Your support of the campaign is separate and distinct from your dues payments and annual support. It is our hope and plan that current supporters will continue to make annual contributions/sponsorships in addition to special support for this important initiative.

Will The Chamber offer “naming” opportunities in this campaign?

Yes. Individual naming opportunities are available for those donors contributing at the $25,000 or higher gift levels. In addition, major gift donors ($10,000 and above) are recognized on a special Founders Wall. All donors of $1,000 to $9,999 are recognized on a special, permanent Community Donor Plaque. All donors of any gift size are recognized in appropriate print and online publications, at special events and in a special commemorative “Honor Roll of Donors” booklet to be assembled at the conclusion of the campaign. See the “Gift Naming Opportunities” insert for more information. Please know that gifts of any size will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged fully.

Over how many years may I pay my pledge? 

The Foundation of the Lancaster Chamber is offering pledge periods of one to five years, if requested. Donors will receive a reminder of their pledge payments due each year or as requested.


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